Digitizing Contact Sharing
reimagining business cards

Smartphones have become the communications device of choice and can be better leveraged for effective networking and sharing one-on-one contact information.

Corporate Branded Digital business cards for Sharing with anyone, anywhere.

Innovative cloud based tools for employees to Scan all the received paper business cards and directly upload them to a CRM.

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ShareEcard Features


Sharing of contact-free Digital Business Cards - Share data instead of paper.

When meeting in person, or over Zoom, Teams and teleconferences. People you Share with, do not need the ShareEcard App to view your Digital Card.
0% paper, 100% sustainable.


Convert Business Cards to Digital Contacts and Save in CRM for Collaboration.

Scan paper Business Cards from meetings, conferences and events given out by others. These paper cards can be scanned and digitized with the ShareEcard Business App using advanced OCR technologies. Contacts are automatically digitized and organized for use on an employee’s smartphone.


Smart manage all your scanned paper business cards on your smartphone

By writing notes, adding tags, quickly searching, etc. All this information at your finger tips anytime, anywhere.

Contact Management System (CMS)

ShareEcard CMS centralizes all received Business Cards so that all
employee can access and share this data.


Company CRM or ShareEcard CMS centralizes all received paper Business Cards that have been Scanned by employees using the ShareEcard App.

All employees can access and share this data for easy collaboration with colleagues to optimize all sales opportunities.

Know what sort of contacts the employees are making in the field, from meetings, events and conferences on customer contacts being made by employees to measure the return on investment.

Why ShareEcard?

Easily network with Customers and manage your Sales Leads.
Created and Hosted in Switzerland.

Share Digital
Business Card
Secured 256-bit
Eco-Friendly and
Centralize Sales
Big Cost
Enables Better
Manage Your Sales
Easily Search


Available on Android and iOS after agreement
with your Company.