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Easily connect and network with your Customers and Partners.
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Effective use of Innovative Digitization tools for Sharing Corporate Branded Digital business cards.

Share and build Network

Eco-friendly and Green

Increase Digital Footprint

Enhance Global Branding

Positive Impact and Stand-out

Works on all Devices

Secured 256-bit Encryption

Cost Savings


We offer a wide range of Services with transparent Pricing to meet your needs.


Per User Price starting from
20 CHF*
  • Corporate Branded DIGITAL Business Card
  • Unlimited Business Card Sharing
  • Online Ordering Portal
  • After Ordering Instant Activation
  • Free Support - 24/7
  • Annual Renewal Cost starting from: 10 CHF*
    *VAT not Included

Share Digital Card

Sharing of Digital Business Card and Functionalities


Available on Android and iOS after agreement with your Company.

Do your paper business cards connect and inspire action in a meaningful way in the Digital age?

Paper business cards, besides being a convenient way to share your contact information, what else do they do? In this digital age, you want a business card that is fully functional, provides connectivity and integrates with the devices you use every day.

Sustainability is in the forefront of any company’s corporate strategy and success. Society is moving away from “one time/single use” products. Environmentally, do you want to keep distributing small pieces of paper to people who will toss them or let them stack up on a desk? Nearly 90% of paper business cards are lost or thrown away.


about us

Innovation Leadership and Global Reach


In today’s global business environment it is all about Innovations in Digitization, Sustainability, Cost Reductions and Standing Out.

Our solution can help:
- Improve Productivity by Collaboration.
- Drive Growth by improving Sales Leads processes.
- Save Costs.
- Reduce Carbon Footprint.

Our worldwide headquarters is located in Switzerland. We provide a Global service for companies of all sizes. Our client portfolio includes some of the best known Corporations in the world.

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