MARCH 05, 2023

Top 5 Popl Smart Business Card Alternatives

Top 5 Popl Smart Business Card Alternatives
  • In today's fast-paced business world, networking is essential. While traditional paper business cards have been the norm for years, digital business cards are quickly becoming more popular. Popl Smart Business Card is one of the most popular options in the market. It is an NFC based digital business card that allows people to share their contact information with a simple tap powered by NFC technologies. However, there are also many other fantastic alternatives available that offer unique features and benefits which Popl offers. In this blog, we will be discussing top 5 alternatives to Popl Smart Business Card.

  • ShareEcard

    ShareEcard is a digital business card app that offers a simple and elegant solution for sharing contact information. One of the main advantages of ShareEcard is that it allows users to create digital business cards for free. Free means it is completely free forever and no hidden charges involved. It is completely a free digital business card. One can easily and very smoothly create a digital business card by just using the pre-made templates available or you can upload your own design if you have any. It is that simple. You can easily customize your company name, name, address, logo, photo and other details.

    Another great feature of ShareEcard is sharing your card with anyone; even if they don't have the app. ShareEcard generates a unique QR code you can share with anyone via email, text, or social media. Once someone scans the QR code, they can view your digital business card and save it to their contacts.


    The cons of ShareEcard are just advertisements that pop up on our website and mobile application and we do that because we are offering digital business cards for free and we need some sources of revenue to keep serving you free digital business cards. You can opt for an ad free platform by just paying a minimal amount on our mobile application.

  • Mobilo:

    Mobilo digital business card is a revolutionary way to share contact information. It makes it easier and faster to share contact details with colleagues, customers, and partners. With Mobilo, users can easily create a digital profile with all their contact information, including their name, company, phone number, email address, and social media profiles. The card can be shared through email, SMS, or even printed out to give away in person. Mobilo allows users to customize their digital business cards to create a strong, professional impression. It also allows them to track their card's performance and measure how their contacts are engaging with the card. With Mobilo, businesses can easily create a consistent, memorable impression and build a strong network of contacts. Their NFC technology is quite good and much more similar to Popl. Their pricing starts at $5 which will have Mobilo brand name printed. If you want to avoid Mobilo branding then you have to go for their Customized options which starts at $19.50.


    The main con of Mobilo digital business cards is that they are not accepted as widely as physical business cards. There are many places that are still unfamiliar with this type of technology and prefer to use physical cards. Additionally, some people may find the digital format of the cards to be less personal, which can make it harder to make a lasting impression. Finally, the cards may be more difficult to store and organize, as users will need to keep track of the card URL or QR code to access the information.

  • Haystack:

    Haystack is a digital business card app offering various unique features. One of the most notable features of Haystack is its ability to create custom mobile apps for your business or personal brand. This means you can create a unique mobile app that showcases your products or services and includes your contact information. Additionally, Haystack offers a variety of customizable templates and designs, making it easy to create a professional and eye-catching digital business card.

    Another great feature of Haystack is tracking how often your digital business card has been viewed and shared. This allows you to see your card's effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.


    One potential drawback of Haystack is that it is a subscription-based service, so you must pay a monthly fee to access all its features. Additionally, some users have reported issues with the app crashing or not syncing correctly with their contacts.

  • Inigo:

    Inigo is a digital business card app that offers a variety of unique features. One of the most notable features of Inigo is its "one-click connect" feature, which allows users to instantly connect with a contact on multiple platforms (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and email) with just one click. This makes connecting with new contacts and staying in touch with existing ones easy.

    Another great feature of Inigo is its ability to create custom contact groups. This allows you to organize your contacts into different groups, such as clients, colleagues, or friends, based on your needs.


    One potential drawback of Inigo is that it is less well-known than some of the other options on this list, which could make it more challenging to share your digital business card with others. Additionally, some users have reported issues with the app crashing or not syncing correctly with their contacts.

  • Linq:

    Linq is an NFC business card which is like other NFC business cards like Popl through that you can easily tap on the smartphone to share your business card with others. With the app, users can quickly take a photo of a business card, and the app will store the information in a secure database. Linq also allows users to share their contact information with others and receive contact information from others. The app has a user-friendly interface and provides a simple way to keep track of contacts. The biggest pros of the app are that it is easy to use and can help save time by quickly storing contact information.


    Some users may not be comfortable with the idea of storing their contact information in a cloud-based database, so it is important to consider the security of the app when deciding to use it.

  • Conclusion:

    Popl Smart Business Card is a popular option, many great alternatives are available with unique features and benefits. ShareEcard offers customizable templates and easy sharing, CamCard offers OCR technology, Haystack offers custom mobile apps and tracking, and Inigo offers one-click connect and contact groups. Cardhop offers natural language parsing and syncs with other contact management apps. Choosing the digital business card app that best fits your needs and preferences is essential.

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