“Link in Bio” or “Share Profile Link” refers to the unique URL in the bio section of most social media profiles. Creators on Social Media use the phrase in posts to tell their audience they can find more information by clicking the URL, which can have the following things:

- Their website

- Their other social media profiles

- A blog

- A product page

- A Video

- An online shop

- or all of the above

Yes. Supercharge your Social Media profiles with the Link in Bio.

Download the ShareEcard App and login to use your Card. You will also receive an Order Confirmation Email after you have created the Card.

Totally FREE Forever, with No Extra Hidden Costs or Surprises.

Digital Business Card, sometimes called eCard or Virtual card, is a clever replacement for paper business cards. Which means nothing is printed and the product is completely digital, making it 100% Sustainable. "Today, we’re living in a mobile-first, digital-first age." So, the trend is towards Digital Business Cards on Smartphones for sharing contact details instead of using paper cards.

No. Just ask the other person what their preferences would be for receiving your eCard from these Sharing options: SMS or Email or QR Code.

ShareEcard supports both Android and iOS platforms.

ShareEcard is hosted on a data center in Switzerland and meets all the GDPR requirements. All the data is completely secured by AES 256 Encryption. For further details, please read the Privacy Policy on our website.

Yes, our hosting meets all the GDPR requirements. More details can be found on our Privacy Policy.

Yes, this is easily possible. In your Profile insert all your "Digital Bundle information" that you want to share. Then use QR Code for Sharing.

It takes a few minutes. Use our ordering options for creating your order. Afterwards you will receive an Order Confirmation Email with all the details of your order information and instructions for installation on Smartphone.

- The Digital Business Card once installed on the mobile device cannot be modified. If any of the information has changed since you installed it, please create a new Digital Business Card order.

When you click on Gmail, the login will appear. Then a popup will appear to ask permission to read your all the contacts. When you allow the permission, then all the contacts will be imported to the App.

A unique QR Code will automatically be created by the ShareEcard system during Order Entry. The other person if they have the QR Scanner App, can scan and capture your contact details.

In the Profile menu select My Email Addresses and add as many emails as you want. Then choose an email address as default so that when sharing via QR Code the corresponding Digital Business Card email is shared.

Unlimited. As many as you want so that you can digitize them for easy and smart management.

Unlimited. As many times as you want. It’s all about networking and sharing your contact details with as many people as possible.

It means reducing the Environmental Carbon Footprint by deploying innovative technologies. We are focusing on delivering responsible, Sustainable products. Not only because it’s good for our business, but also because it’s the right thing to do for the future of our planet.

- It requires 324 litres required to produce 1KG of paper..

- Nearly 90% of paper business cards are thrown away or lost.

You can create as many Digital Business Card templates as you want.