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How it Works

Exactly same as paper business cards ordering.

Instead of printing, installs directly on Smartphone with our App.

Our App Includes a built-in paper business cards Scanner to manage Sales Leads.

Create Digital Business Card Order

Using the ShareEcard ordering options described below.

Order Confirmation Email

Sent with Card Graphic and details of your order.

Activate Digital Business Card

Download ShareEcard App. Sign-in and Digital Business Card is installed.

Share Digital Business Card

Share your Digital Business Card, using QR Code, Email, LinkedIn, etc.

Design and Order your Digital Business Cards

Whether you are a beginner or a creative professional, we offer
innovative design options to help you create your own Digital Business Card.


Use our

  • Want simple and easy customization.
  • For a professional card design.
  • You may have your own logo.
See our design templates

Design Digital Business Card:

  • Already have your own logo.
  • Want to create your own design.
  • Want to customize every detail.
Start with a blank template

Upload a full design
if you:

  • Have Card design files already.
  • Have own professional designer.
  • Have own Corporate Branding.
Upload a full design

Know More About Digital Business Card

1. Why use a Digital Business Card

Digital business cards have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for a good reason. They offer several advantages over traditional paper cards, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a professional impression. One of the most significant benefits of digital business cards is their convenience as well allowing you to include digital content like your videos, social media and marketing brochures.

2. Benefits of using a Digital Business Card

Digital business cards are becoming increasingly popular; they are an electronic version of traditional paper business cards which you can share electronically via QR code, email, social media, or LinkedIn. Using a digital business card includes increased flexibility, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. ShareEcard is one of the best digital business card providers; it offers various features and an easy-to-use interface to customize and share the card across multiple platforms.

3. Digital Business Cards and Networking

ShareEcard is a company that specializes in creating innovative and customizable digital business cards for professionals and businesses. With ShareEcard, you can easily create a digital business card with all your essential information, including your name, job title, company name, contact information, and LinkedIn. It is easy to share and with the additional feature, scan all the paper cards you receive from others which can be helpful in follow-up communication and networking.

4. History of Business Cards and Evolution

Business cards have been used for centuries to convey information about a person or company. You can trace the history of business cards back to 15th century China, where merchants used them to exchange information about their goods and services. With the rise of digital technology, many people now use digital business cards, which you can share via QR code, email, LinkedIn, or social media. With the rise of digital alternatives, traditional printed business cards are on the decline as more people become digital natives.

5. How to create a Digital Business Card through ShareEcard

Creating a digital business card through ShareEcard is a quick and easy process that can help you stand out in today's digital world. Sign up for a ShareEcard account, choose a template, customize your card, share it with your contacts to boost your business network. It can help make a solid first impression and promote your branding as well.

6. Who should use a Digital Business Card

Digital business cards offer a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper cards for business professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and job seekers. ShareEcard is a digital business card platform that makes it easy to create and share innovative digital business cards for smart networking.

7. Why choose ShareEcard to make a Digital Business Card

ShareEcard is a platform that allows users to create and share digital business cards easily, providing a user-friendly interface, a wide range of templates and customization options, cost-effectiveness, eco-friendly nature, and the ShareEcard app makes it convenient and efficient to share contact information with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Digital Business Card?

Digital Business Card, sometimes called Electronic Business Card or Virtual business card, is a clever replacement for paper business cards. Which means nothing is printed and the product is completely digital, making it 100% Sustainable.

2. How do I Share my Digital Business Card?

You can use LinkedIn or Email or QR Code through the digital business card app of ShareEcard which you can download from App Store or Play

3. Does the person I am Sharing the Digital Business Card with have to have the App as well?

No. Just ask the other person what their preferences would be for receiving your Digital Business Card from these Sharing options: LinkedIn or Email or QR Code.

4. Do you replicate the same user experience as paper business cards printing companies?

Yes, if you have ordered paper business cards in the past from such companies as Moo, Vistaprint, etc. It’s a similar set-up as them, with ShareEcard.

5. Which company can help me move easily from paper business cards to Digital Business Cards?

ShareEcard is a very highly rated company used by business professionals and companies, as they focus on Branding and Digital Identity, like printing companies.

6. How do I sign up for ShareEcard to create my Digital Business Card?

You can easily create an account on our home page. We also offer a 7-day Free Trial to try us out, to see our capabilities.

Customer Testimonials

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