NOVEMBER 01, 2023

10 Best Sales Companies to Work for in 2024

Best Sales Companies
  • Many companies focus on the short term, while others focus on a sustainable future. Sales are a competitive game, and being surrounded by other great performers can accelerate your career. It's hard to find a job in sales without strong interpersonal skills and, in some cases, even strong leadership skills. Are you looking to work for a winning sales team in the future? If so, you're in luck! In 2023, the top companies offering sales opportunities will include various sales roles and responsibilities. Here's a list of ten companies you should pay attention to if you want to work in a world-class sales organization.

  • Lendable

    So, you want to work for a company that's not only on top of the latest trends and technological innovations but has a solid plan for keeping up with the changing marketplace and the people using it. To find such a place, look at the Lendable Best Companies to Work for in the 2023 report by Work Market. You can read all the results online, but if you'd prefer to skip the data and get straight to the nitty-gritty, download the free PDF. The data is based on over 100,000 hiring decisions from Work Market's employees.

  • Kleros

    Sales are one of those fields that have some of the highest competition. The competition is so intense that many employees are being laid off as companies struggle to keep up with demand. Some companies are still standing strong even after all these years. One such company is Kleros. They are offering great packages for sales representatives. You'll have to apply now if you want to earn $100,000 a year and have fun working with us.

  • C3

    The C3 AI technology company is one of the fastest-growing AI companies of 2017. As of October 1, 2017, it had $100 million in funding, and it was only founded in 2014. It is based in San Francisco, CA, and the company's top leadership is made up of Stanford University graduates. Based on our analysis of the job market and data from LinkedIn, we've identified the fastest-growing, most lucrative companies in the sales profession. We're tracking the companies hiring the newest sales reps and managers, both internationally and domestically. It is on the top list of companies that should be hiring new sales professionals.

  • Zola

    Regarding sales, many companies can benefit from working with Zola. If a company wants to build a better sales culture or is looking for candidates to hire, Zola can help. Using our unique AI-driven matching algorithm, we find the ideal candidates for any role and match them to employers based on job titles, skills, experience, and more.

    The best sales company to work for in 2023 will be the one that consistently provides its sales teams with top-notch training and development opportunities to sharpen their skills, build upon their knowledge, and develop new expertise. Most successful sales teams in 2023 will leverage the latest sales technology tools and strategies to drive revenue higher and increase conversion rates.

  • Hireology

    Here at Hireology, we use three questions to help us determine if we should invest time, money, and energy into a client. Is the business model innovative? Does the team have the potential to grow exponentially? Do they share our core values? After answering these questions, we set aside the clients that don't pass our filter.

    There are a lot of factors to consider when hiring salespeople. From personality traits to experience and education, there are several qualities and skills you'll need to look for in a prospective hire. Here are some of the features and characteristics that are typically associated with successful salespeople.

  • Drift

    Drift's primary product is a revenue acceleration platform that business sales teams may utilize to more quickly onboard and retain customers. Drift's conversational marketing platform, trusted by over 50,000 businesses throughout the country, uses technology ranging from video to email to rapid power transactions.

    Drift's sales crew is described as "very competitive and collaborative." If you're looking for a possible employer who cares about diversity, equity, and inclusion, consider Drift's publicly available data on racial, ethnic, and gender diversity. Drift also has eight employee resource groups to help team members and departments connect.

  • Arrive Logistics

    Arrive Logistics delivers logistics and shipping technology to brokers wishing to improve the quality of their services. Arrive Logistics claims that its "explosive expansion" means plenty of room for its sales team members to advance. The company employs about 1,500 people, with a tech team of up to 250. It boasts many awards and distinctions, including inclusion on Inc.'s list of the growing private firms in America.

  • Crowd Strike

    Crowd Strike offers comprehensive, cloud-integrated security tools to enterprise clients designed to secure business data at every stage of its lifecycle. Crowd Strike’s solutions are capable of practical application in many industries and use cases, having worked.

    Crowd strike’s salespeople, according to the company, "don't just sell a product or market a service—we provide a promise: to deliver safety and security to some of the world's largest, most powerful corporations." Employee perks and benefits include:

    • Parenting and fertility help.
    • A remote-friendly atmosphere.
    • Health and wellness programs.
    • Professional development opportunities.
  • LeanIX, Inc.

    LeanIX is a software-as-a-service provider that offers advanced products and services to businesses wishing to upgrade or entirely rework their existing IT infrastructures. LeanIX has worked on initiatives ranging from boosting cloud security transparency to unifying important company data for companies such as Adidas and DHL.

    The sales staff at LeanIX is described as "committed and success-oriented," with an emphasis on "high-quality consultative sales processes" and "a solid combination of outbound and inbound generated prospects." Employees at LeanIX can use various benefits, including conferences and training programs, weekly catered meals, and dog-friendly workplaces. The company's more than 400 employees come from 50 different countries and work in seven separate offices.

  • GoHealth

    The GoHealth team envisions innovative methods to reform and improve the American healthcare system, including a streamlined platform that allows consumers to understand insurance plans and pricing effortlessly. GoHealth takes pride in its workplace culture, which has won the company rankings on best places to work lists and accolades from organizations such as Deloitte. GoHealth has centered its sales force on the company's "most essential strategic initiatives," encouraging personnel to partner and work across the organization.

  • Molo Solutions

    Molo enables transactions in the logistics business between shippers and truckers, making it easier for both sides to convey products to their final destinations. Its logistics and sales expertise assists clients in optimizing supply chains and developing carrier networks by linking them with peers in the logistics business.

    Molo describes its sales team positions as "fast-paced," but it also provides "extensive training" to ensure that even entry-level staff are proficient with lead generation, relationship development, and other sales functions.

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