DECEMBER 07, 2022

How Digital Business Cards can be
Useful for Paper Business Card Users

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  • Most people carry in their wallets a Credit Card (Digital currency) and Cash (paper money). The same can be with business cards - have the option for both. What you really want to do is engage your audience whether they are on-line using Smartphones or still “analogue” in terms of contact sharing. So paper and digital business cards complement each other and for to a better user experience.

    Today, we’re living in a mobile-first, digital-first age. With digital innovation and sustainability being the hot topics, some people would like to have the OPTION of receiving either an old-fashioned paper business card OR a Digital Business Card. Let’s not assume that everyone today is open to paper business cards, as it’s a “one-time use” product, and society has moved on from this mentality. Also, you hear comments like: “still using paper cards?” which immediately puts you on the defensive. Some people object strongly to paper cards, as they see it as a way to increase the “Carbon Footprint”.

    Let’s be honest, changing a habit can be challenging and instead of going completely digital, why not consider having both options at your disposal. So, by having a Digital Business Card, you can offer the receiver the option of a paper card or a digital card. It shows sensitivity to the social changes taking place in the business world and puts you in a more “caring standing” respecting the environment.

    ShareEcard’s Digital Business Cards creation process is identical to how most printing companies design and create paper business cards. Since you already have the PNG or JPG version of your paper business cards order, you can easily upload that file in the ShareEcard order entry system. With minimal effort you can also have a Digital Business Card for a price of just $10.

    The problem with Digital Business Cards companies is that most of them offer generic templates without much attention to Branding Identity, like what paper business cards companies offer. Their focus is downloading their Apps and doing the whole designing process on Smartphones, which can be challenging to say the least. ShareEcard is the only company that offers the same ordering experience as paper business cards companies.

    So why not give it a try and have the flexibility of both options: paper and digital?

    Try us out for a 7-day free trial.  No Credit Card required.

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