MARCH 15, 2023

Blinq Digital Business Card Review

Blinq Digital Business Card Review
  • Looking to create your Digital Business Card? Well, you came to the right place where you will get a genuine review of the Blinq Digital Business Card.

    As Technology continues to evolve and shape our lives, it's no surprise that digital business cards are becoming more popular among professionals.

    They are more environmentally friendly than traditional paper cards and offer a range of benefits that make them the future of networking and business communication. So let's dive in together and divulge everything about the Blinq Digital Business Card.

  • Introduction of Blinq Digital Business Card

    Blinq is a digital business card platform that allows professionals to create and share their business information with others easily. It is designed to replace traditional paper business cards and streamline networking.

    Blinq's digital business cards can be customized to match a user's brand, and they offer several features that make it easy to share contact information, social media profiles, and more.

    With Blinq, users can create a professional and modern-looking digital business card that can be shared with anyone, anywhere, at any time, making it a convenient and efficient way to connect with others.

  • Features of Blinq Digital Business Card

    Here are some of the most prominent features of the Blinq Digital Business Card, which makes it unique and a versatile option for professionals.


    Blinq offers a variety of customization options, allowing users to choose from a selection of pre-designed templates or upload their background image and customize the font and color scheme of their card to stand out.

    Multimedia Content

    Blinq allows users to add multimedia content to their digital business cards, such as a video introduction, audio recording, or images. It can make your business card more informative and impressive as well.

    Location Sharing

    Blinq allows users to share their location, making connecting with people nearby and arranging meetings or events easy.

    Event Management

    Blinq allows users to create and manage events, including RSVP tracking and event updates. Many people look for this feature, and Blinq serves you the best.


    Blinq provides users with analytics on how their digital business card is viewed and shared, allowing them to track their networking efforts and make data-driven decisions.


    Blinq integrates with various third-party apps and services, including Zapier, Salesforce, and Hubspot. Now, it has become more convenient because it can be more accessible.

  • Ease of Use and User Interface

    Blinq Digital Business Card has a smooth user interface and a straightforward process to create a digital business card in a few minutes.

    Users need to add their contact details and finalize a design to create a card. Moreover, it has an intuitive dashboard where users can view business cards, edit attributes, and customize designs from the dashboard.

    The best thing about Blinq Digital Business Card is that it is optimized for mobile devices. Users can share their contact information via text, email, or other social media platforms. The QR code feature provides a seamless experience, which makes it easy to share with anyone.

    The new information can be updated in real-time, so users don't need to worry about outdated information. All the information on the digital business card will update immediately.

  • Pricing and Plans

    Blinq offers different subscription plans for the user's convenience. So, users can choose a plan that meets their needs.

    Free Plan- $0 per month

    There is a free plan, which is available for Android, iOS, and the Web. It allows users to create two digital business cards them. Then, you can add as many details as you want and share them via QR code, email, or text. In addition, you can track who received your card and when and where you met them.

    Premium Plan- $3.99 per month

    In this Plan, users will get five digital business cards for themselves. It also allows you to add color themes to your card to make it highly appealing. Moreover, you can remove Blinq branding from the card when someone exports details to their address book. Users can add a logo inside the QR code and share it easily. The Plan also gives a 7-day trial period.

    Business Plan- $5.99 per card per month

    In this Plan, users can create unlimited digital business cards for the entire team, as it allows bulk upload and integration into the directory system. Users can also view the contact details of those who receive your team's card and export them to the CRM system. In addition, you will get onboarding help and 24/7 support in this Plan.

  • Pros and Cons of Blinq Digital Business Card


    • Blinq offers subscription plans at an affordable price as compared to other platforms.
    • Blinq Digital Business Card allows one to share information easily without needing physical cards.
    • It is an environment-friendly option that eliminates the need for papers.
    • Its Analytic feature provides information on how often your card has been viewed and how long people have viewed it.


    • It has limited reach because some people need access to smartphones and will not be comfortable using digital business cards.
    • Some people will not share contact information digitally because of privacy and security concerns.
    • It is only compatible with some devices, which limits its usefulness.
  • Final Verdict

    Blinq Digital Business Card is the perfect option for individuals and professionals looking for advanced features with smooth integration. However, every person has different needs, and as per the above information, you can decide whether Blinq fulfills your needs.

    Unlike other plans, Blinq is offering them at a very affordable price. Still, it would help if you evaluated whether the pricing model aligns with your business needs and expectations.

    These Digital Business Cards entirely rely on Technology, and it could be a severe concern if there are some network issues. However, we need to stay updated with the market trends, and digital cards are becoming a priority for professionals, so you should try Blinq.

    If you want to create a digital business card for free then with ShareEcard you can easily create a free digital business card.

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