AUGUST 24, 2022

How does a Digital Business Card work?

How does a Digital Business Card work?
  • How does a Digital Business Card work

  • How does a Digital Business Card work?

    Networking is something that has become very popular in the past few years. Thanks to the latest technologies that makes it a bit convenient for us to share contact information. Digital technology is playing a big role in everything from business practices and how we are exchanging our business contacts.

    The advanced technology has made contact sharing eco-friendly and paperless. However, paper business cards are not the solution for the today’s world because people are looking for advanced and sustainable solutions.

    That is the reason why business professionals are switching to digital business cards for sharing their business contact information. Yes, they are on the right path because they are looking to boost their business activities with proper networking.

    But what are digital business cards? How they made and how they can help in increasing our network and grow our business. If you are not aware of these, then just read on and get the complete information on how digital business card work.

  • What is a Digital Business Card?

    A Digital Business Card is also known as Virtual Business Card, which is a modern idea to share information with different people. The aim of a digital business card is to share your business information without too much hassle.

    A Digital Business Card can be created easily on Apple, Android, Laptops, and other devices. There are some apps that allows the creation of business card in just a few minutes.

    We have a tremendous experience with a popular digital business card creator named ShareEcard. As it comes with some amazing templates that made my job quite easy and have created a professional digital business card in just two minutes with the help of their templates.

    Unlike other business cards, these business cards can be easily customized and can be shared easily. We are allowed to add our name, Email, Photo, and website URLs.

  • How does Digital Business Card work?

    A Digital Business Card helps to enhance the business network by sharing with different people. Many apps allow you to create a digital business card. We found ShareEcard very helpful, as it comes with some prominent and innovative features. It allows creating multiple digital business cards while having different contact information on them, so you can have a Digital Business Card for each of your side hustles.

    There is no need to spend money to create a Digital Business Card from ShareEcard. They provide a free trial period, or you can go for a subscription plan only if you are satisfied with it.

  • Why do I need a Digital Business Card?

    Digital Business Cards are the best way to expand your reach and can enhance the network interactions with different people. Let us explain why it is essential to adapt the changes of switching to digital business card.

  • 1. Convenience

    Digital Business Cards are very convenient because we don’t need to rely on carrying them around with us in our pockets. We just need to have a Smartphone through which we can share it with anyone easily.

    It is not convenient for our Smartphone, but it can also have multiple templates depending on the side hustle we might have. Your Digital business card will remain up to date always because things are very convenient in terms of having different cards depending on the different hat we might be wearing in terms of job.

  • 2. Cost Effective

    As we have seen that paper business cards gets thrown by most people and it is a complete wastage of our money. But you cannot throw digital business cards away and you can share them with as many people as you want.

    You just need to have a nice design template for yourself. You can save lots of money that you would have paid for standard paper business cards. Digital Business Cards never run out, so you don’t need to invest your money in re-printing. When everything is so cheap, then why pay for paper business cards?

    But still, if you want a premium digital business card then you can go to ShareEcard website and get your digital business card in a few pennies. They will help you to add QR code, custom links, colours, and all other information to make it look professional.

  • 3. Contactless Sharing

    Business meetings and gatherings are quite popular nowadays and people just find the best ways to interact with each other. In these meetings, people can share their business card with each other and can increase their network.

    But today, it is not necessary to go in these meetings to let people know about your business. You can share every part of your business information with them with the help of a virtual business card.

    You can share your digital business card via text, QR code, or social media. It is a self reliance concept where users can exchange their business and information without any physical contact.

  • 4. All Details at one place

    Digital Business Card is not just about enhancing your network but you can provide every detail aspect of your business at a single point. A paper business card is limited to the details because there is a small place to add the information.

    But a digital business card is a versatile choice where users can add multiple information at a single place. You will be amazed to know that you can add a complete portfolio to your digital business card that can be accessed easily by zooming in.


    We hope that you have understood how a digital business card works. The times are changing, and it is essential to be updated with the latest and advance technologies. We never want to stay too far behind of our competitors and a digital business card is something that can help you to increase your business network.

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