FEBRUARY 01, 2022

Why ShareEcard?

Digitizing Business Cards: Share | Scan | Manage
Innovative Solution. Exchange data instead of paper.
  • ShareEcard provides every Smartphone with the power to Share, Read, Interpret and Process visual information. ShareEcard uses OCR technologies to convert traditional business card information to digital, thereby ensuring that business connections are available at your fingertips.

  • ShareEcard Digital Business Cards are a modern way to SHARE your contact information. Paper business cards are still the preferred global business etiquette. However, Smartphones have become the communications device of choice and can be better leveraged for effective networking and sharing one-on-one contact information. So the importance of printed business cards is slowly diminishing.

  • Paper business cards are “one time” use product – people look at the card for two seconds and then put it in their pockets. Business cards are printed to be thrown away. They can look really cool — metal, gold-leaf, embossed, magnetic, thick paper, doubles as a bottle opener, etc. However, if you’re anything like most people, your post-network event timeline goes something like this:

    • Get back to the office.
    • Throw them in your Desk drawer or add to an existing pile in a rubber band.
    • Or Scan them using a free App and never look at them again.
    • Or simply throw away. 90% are thrown away. Not good for your networking and definitely not good for the environment.

    Sound about right?

  • Contact information is incredibly important — office number, mobile phone number and email address — but we’ve moved beyond the traditional business card, especially now that nearly all of us carry around a Smartphone. Your Smartphone provides an even better opportunity to connect with people beyond an 85mm x 55mm piece of paper.

  • In this modern digital age, paper business cards don’t particularly enhance one-on-one interactions. Besides being a convenient way to share your contact information, what else do they do? Do they save the other person’s contact information? Can you easily Share the contact details with colleagues? Do they integrate with calendar software so you can quickly follow up with people? Unfortunately, the answer is no. In this digital age, you want a business card that presents the image of your company in a positive visual way that is fully functional, provides connectivity and integrates with the way you manage your contacts, like in any social business network.

  • Take the opportunity to digitally connect with someone with a Digital Card which has superior appearance and aesthetic. There is something special to ‘being different’ and presenting your credentials and contact information in a highly unique manner. Don’t downplay any aspect of your Digital Business Card. Never apologize for your irreverence for convention. Think of yourself as a trailblazer and thought leader who is not afraid of being innovative.

  • So, when someone asks if you have a business card on-hand, respond. “I have something better”. Then present your Digital Business Card and ask: “can I share with you via SMS, email or do you want to scan using QR code”. This style of response intrigues the other party, is a definite conversation starter and boosts your branding image, as well as being Environmentally Friendly.

  • When you hand over that printed business card, who knows where it might end up. With a Digital Business Card, you will make yourself more memorable and your contact data is sure to be preserved.

  • Sustainability and Responsibility Is the New Standard. At ShareEcard we’re focusing on delivering responsible, sustainable products. Not only because it’s good for our business, but also because it’s the right thing to do for the future of our planet. We help our customers set themselves apart from competitors by providing innovations in processes and products that exceed expectations of both presentation and sustainability.

  • The adoption of the ShareEcard solution represents "transformative change" in a company’s practices which can only come from the commitment of your senior management team. In today’s business environment, companies cannot settle for incremental improvement; they must periodically undergo business transformations to get to the top and stay there.

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